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April 18, 2011

What happens when we're away.

Yesterday Art was invited to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese for his friend Benji. Si, Art's very best friend, also went and his papa Jeff kindly offered to take the two of them. Art had never been to the place and, when he saw Jessica and I, enthusiastically tried to explain all sorts of unexplainable stuff. Something about roller coaster that's not really roller coaster. It's just a TV. If your turning you go Ahhhh! And something with a propeller that you sit in an goes to the ceiling. Art often talks more when his body than his mouth, using every appendage to make clear what he's talking about. It actually really fun to listen to him try to describe something he doesn't quite have the words for.

Here are two hilarious photos Jeff sent me from the day.

Si, left, and Art.

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jenboss said...

They looked like they were having amazing fun when I was there. Art asked if Nora was with me and when I said no. He took a few minutes to explain all the reasons she should be there.

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