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April 16, 2011

Arthur and Lewis' first movie going experience.

Arthur and Lewis have never been to a movie theater. They've lived sheltered and simple lives of theatrical deprivation. So today, on a whim, I made up for the glaring deficit in one fell swoop, by taking them to see a show in 3-D(!) on the enormous IMAX theater at the zoo. We watched 'Born to be Wild', a beautiful 45-minute film about orphaned orangutans and elephants. It was really spectacular. A few times I'd notice the kids reaching forward trying to grab an elephant's trunk or something. The footage was just incredible, flying airplanes over mountains, wrestling with a baby elephant in beautiful afternoon light, all with Morgan Freeman's deep soothing voice. Art and Lew barely moved. As Jess and I like to say, they were on 'record' mode, just soaking it all in.

After the movie we walked through the zoo's tropical area.

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Anonymous said...

they are very handsome and sweett . kiss them for me.
sorry for my bad english

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