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March 21, 2011

Mary Poppins.

Recently we were lamenting with our friends Erin and Mike how anytime we get together it's so difficult to actually have a conversation. So yesterday we stuck the kids in front of a full length movie (Arthur and Lewis' first). Mary Poppins. I had never seen it and its really fun! In one scene when Mary Poppins first arrives she cleans up the house by snapping her fingers. Things fly around while silly music is being sung, and at one point a little boy can't get out of the closet cause it keeps closing. It's sorta funny, but Lewis thought it was very VERY funny. Here's a photo of it after we rewinded and played it again so more adults could appreciate Lewis' belly laugh.

Arthur had great difficulty peeling Evva away from the the babies to play.

And here's Erin with Bailey.

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