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March 21, 2011

Ahhh, Nature Day...

The boys have been at each other's throats lately, taunting and egging each other on in a constant battle for equal attention, equal toys, equal food, equal fun and/or misery!  It has been exhausting!  Yesterday was especially terrible and I realized that they probably needed to get outside.  A lot.  So we did a full-family Nature Day at our neighborhood nature center, Woodlake.  Here we are "enjoying" our walk.  Actually we did have a nice, if not short, nature walk searching for signs of Spring and just getting some general fresh air.

Unfortunately the paths were still icy and we all did get a little cold so we ended up back inside the interpretive building yet again, but just in time to pet a snake!  Score!

When we got home it took a whole of about 60 seconds for the boys to find a reason battle with each other.

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