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October 07, 2010

Still chugging along.

I had another check-up today. I weigh 185 pounds! My fundus/uterus measurement is 46cm and the babies are still one head down, one across the top, sideways. On Monday, if I indeed make it that far, they will discuss induction since they don't like twin pregnancies to go much longer than 38 weeks, which I will be then. But for now I am just a walking, ticking time bomb.

Ben and Lewis came to my midwife appointment and Lewis wanted to sit on the table with me.

Then I laid back so the midwife could feel the babies' position and measure and listen, but first my uterus decided to demonstrate its contraction powers!  Power belly!

Tonight I was in full force, unloading the dishwasher, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, taking potty chair contents up the stairs and then again, and again... And then at night I inevitably start to get a little anxious, hoping I'm going into labor for this reason or that.  I've been losing a little too much sleep over it the last couple nights.  Ben said, "At least if they babies were born you'd be losing sleep with a purpose!"  He's right.  

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