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October 25, 2010

Pictures from Best Nature Day Ever.

Art really was able to sum up why our simple walk through the Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary, where we have gone for Nature Day countless times, was the Best Ever nature day.  In his own words;

"It was the best nature day in the whole world. I walked around the corner and then I saw just a big shadow walking across the ground. And then I said 'DEER!'  And it was a deer. It sitted right where we were, right Mama? Maybe that's the path that deers like to go. We saw the deer, and then we saw a lot of the other deers. We got to see it's WHOLE family. Then we got closer to them through the bushes and then they all runned away. And then we couldn't find them."

We walked slowly within 20 feet of the deer for what might have been an hour and both Ben and I felt it was pretty magical.  I almost felt as if I was following a unicorn, it was so special.  This brownish-grey deer just plodded along and we watched it eat leaves and traipse through the muddy grass.  We all sat down on a makeshift bench and ate snacks and the deer was less than fifty yards away eating leaves and snacks as well.  Then we finished up and continued to follow it.  We followed it all the way until it came to three other deer, all adult size.  It was very special.

And just yesterday I had not left the house once, nor had I changed out of my pajamas.  In fact, I was crying on the way to the bird sanctuary because it had been an hour since Netta and Bailey nursed and I so afraid they would be hungry when we got there.  I had this dread, seeing myself stuck on a bench nursing babies instead of walking and exploring with the rest of my family.  But the girls just stayed in their slings the whole two hours during our family nature walk and slept soundly, one on me and one on Ben.  Bailey and Netta's first Nature Day!  And what a good one it was for all of us. 
- jess

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