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October 26, 2010

Ben congratulated me.

It has been hard on me to keep two infants fed.  Nursing them does take many hours a day on my butt, babes to boob.  I do get a little depressed here and there sitting in my foam prison (twin nursing pillow) while life with the rest of my family goes forth without me.  But anyway... Ben wanted to really praise me for the great work I'm doing breastfeeding these babies and here is how he did it.

"I mean, these babies are getting well fed and all from you! They are pooping MASSIVE poops and peeing all the time!"

Aw. He really knows how to sweet talk a lady.


MaryJo said...

I'll second Ben's compliment and say you are doing a fabulous, fabulous job! You are so right in that it feels like a "foam prison" and that everyone else is going on with their lives while you just sit there. But your job is so much more important than anything the rest of us are doing. You are providing the sustenance to keep these two beautiful girls growing and healthy! Nobody else can do that! Hang in there. The family is NOT going forth without you -- you are the one leading the way. --MaryJo

Nance said...

Well said, MJ! Jess - your turn will come to be "out there" and with all this pent-up energy and your experiences now to inspire and motivate you, more great things are in the wings! I know this sounds pretty dopey right now, but some day you'll look back on this time quite wistfully and wish you could still be holding all those babies again. It's such a simple way to make them happy! Ah, the eternal sacrifice of motherly love, eh?
- love from Ant Nance (gotta get my hands on some babies soon!)

Maggie Wirth-Johnson said...

Jessica, I know just how you feel! Sometime I need to show you the photo of myself, my twin girls at my breasts, on the nursing pillow. The look on my face says it all! (Like I'm about to burst into tears.) I commend you for hanging in there doing for Netta and Bailey what no one else can do. SO important! They look so well-fed and round! I cannot wait to visit. Please let me know when I can drop in. I'll do anything you want me to do!

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