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August 18, 2010

A little note about Lewis.

He seems to be enjoying adjectives. He was looking at his feet one day and said, "A tiny toe, Mama!" He asks if a motorcycle he sees parked on the road is "superfast" and he likes to be pushed "superhigh" on the swing. For a while he was describing the different ways he pees. Sometimes, when he's standing up, he makes a "long pee", or just a tiny pee. When he's sitting down he may knock his knees together, feet pigeon toed, and call it "closed pee". And recently he flopped his entire body over with his arms to the floor. I asked if that was a tired pee, and he said no, "Uh-sad pee, Mama." So we have many different kinds of toes, ways of moving and ways of peeing.

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