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August 18, 2010


Wow.  I'm really pooped today.  Tidied up the baby room, cleaned the floor and mopboards and such and got the random paint supplies and VV's (aka Good Will) stuff outta' there.  (I have a new obsession with washing painted woodwork.  Maybe it's because I don't have time or energy to paint the woodwork, which is what it really needs, but I'll tell you right now, the woodwork upstairs is clean.)  It's basically baby ready.  There's still stuff to be reorganized and moved about, but everything necessary is in place and ready for babies to use, including some shelves next to the changing area that are ready for the 170 diapers from the diaper service to arrive (thanks, Nan!).  And this all took me well over two hours, which included multiple breaks for catching my breath, sitting down after coming downstairs and sitting down again after going back up the stairs.  Oy. 

So tonight I was super exhausted.  Just feeling like my whole body was made of lead and that I needed to lay down.  I got cranky, but the kids, especially Art, were very compassionate about my crankiness.  And while we read books we all nudged what was probably Baby A's head protruding from my lower right abdomen.  After I sang their lullaby (tonight they wanted one about ornithomimus, a fast running dinosaur who I sang about sleeping in a forest) Art asked if I was going to go downstairs.  I said yes, and he said, "Why? If you're so tired you should go to sleep!"  

And so I did.  But I was woken by some mild restless legs.  So I thought I'd write a little update.  Good night.

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