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May 28, 2010

A nice night with the boys.

Ben's been buggin' me, and with good reason, because I so rarely write anything for the blog anymore.  I'm just so much busier!  I can't waste my precious naptime on the computer.  And if I do have a few minutes uninterrupted when the kids are awake I feel like I should be eating.  I've barely gained seven pounds since before I was pregnant, which is below the recommended weight gain for a singleton pregnancy at my stage, let alone twins.  I have so much catching up to do!  I do NOT want to have tiny, NICU babies.  I must eat and sleep and do everything I can to keep them in until they are DONE!

Anyway, back to the out-of-utero kids.  I was bummed to be woken from my nap after just an hour by Art's whiny call, "Mamaaaaa!  I need you!"  He had a bloody nose.  That sucks for him.  Sucks for me and Lewis, too, because Art naturally gets scared and keeps asking, more and more urgently, "When is it going to be done?  When is it going to be done?"  Then, when I asked him to hold his own tissue for a while he cried like a foghorn - "AhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  Lewis got out of bed and simply asked, 'Why, Mama?"  When it had slowed down I wedged some tissue in Art's nose and hoped against all hope that they would go back to sleep.  Every other day of the week I have to wake myself and Lewis up by 1:45 to pick Art up from school and here I was hoping to get a longer nap since we were all homebound.  Not so.  They both came in within 15 minutes.  Nap over.  

But I recovered from being cranky eventually and we went to the library.  Both kids wore their backpacks - Lewis in a Dr. Seuss pack that probably came with a book subscription and Art with the $1.99 one I got him, both from the same thrift store.  We got our books and then we went to the Malt Shop, a burger joint.  As I explained, I need calories.  We had a lovely time.  Lewis was so goofy, however.  It was as if he was drunk.  I seriously wondered if something was in his Sprite.  Flopping all over me, singing out loud, "La la la LAAA!" and stuffing his face.  Art ate pretty much his entire quiche and said, "I don't really like quiche."  Weird.  Sometimes I just like going places with them because they crack me up.

Updates on both children - Lewis has a tiny scab on his right shin that he asks about no less than ten times a day.  "A boo-boo a go away, Mama?  A self?"  "Yes, Lewis.  It will go away by itself!"  At first, a few days ago, he must have thought I was saying blow away because he asked me if was going to go up-a-sky.  Then he wondered if was going to go-a-grass.  Now he seems to get the go-away-by-itself concept in theory, but he still needs to ask about it several times a day.  Art is also trying to master an abstract reasoning issue about age and size.  He asks about every friend and kid he meets if he is bigger than them.  "Mama, am I bigger than Henry?"  "You are taller than Henry, but Henry is older than you.  He's 5 1/2 and you are 4 1/2.  But your body is taller."  So he's working on that.  Another thing he's been asking is why a lot of people don't have kids.  I've told him that some people don't want kids, some are going to have kids later and that there's lots of reasons.  "Who do we know that doesn't have kids?" I asked.  "Nanna."  But, oh!  I explained Josh and Papa are Nanna's kids.  "So Nanna is bigger than Josh?  Bigger than Papa?"  He was very impressed that she was so big.  Well, you know what I mean.  See, he doesn't really get it.

Off I go to have an ice-cream infused protein shake.  Goodnight. 

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