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May 27, 2010

Jessica's voicemail, transcribed.

Here's a funny voicemail Jessica just left for me (as transcribed by Google Voice):

"Hey E, a deadline in if it's me. It's got to call you back. Excuse me. The cats were, or at work district. We had a lovely night are with the wyney most the time because you didn't take a nap today, but otherwise good to turned out alright and and then the voice to the bath. Lots of polls today. Bye bye, isn't it. Let books. Louis. When Lindeman movement for over half an hour. Hey man, It's only go upstairs ones give me one or we reached his parents plan, Hi Kevin, 840 prenatal regular appointment tomorrow and just you may get a check up perm so when you settle in. You know you just remember that it's on the family can't Realty is talking that I'll be up for about 10 15 minutes you're interested and I'll talk to you. Maybe later in the OR or what her love you."

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