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February 08, 2010

Snow photos.

There was a pretty big snow storm today and we took advantage. Every time I play in the snow I think, "why aren't we doing this more often?" Is fun! Probably cause suiting up two excited kids up in their layers of clothing is about as hard (and time consuming) as solving a rubix cube.

This morning we played and went on a walk. And then for dinner we actually rode our bikes (with bike trailer) 8 blocks south to Petpito's mexican restaurant (it's never all that tasty but it's close and we got instant chips and salsa which makes kids and parents happy).

Art made a slide.

I'm working on building in igloo. All it needs is the roof part (the hardest part). I can only build it in spurts cause the snow has to be packable and today's (and most snow lately) is too fluffy.

Jess pulling the bike trailer with two toasty children.

Recognize my handwriting?


Dr Em said...

looks like a fun adventure! Pepitos RULES! You have to get lupitas, or garden fresh enchiladas, or original taco basket. It is a cousin tradition!

Anonymous said...

what you need for the igloo is not packing snow but Uncle Josh.

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