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February 09, 2010

Jessica voiemails transcribed.

Here are some more funny attempts at transcription by google voice.


it's me and I wanted to sing you a song Horan recruited error on every species cellphone they don't know if turns in to see you see is and refinance or approved. Alright, I'll talk to you when you get home we can people are cookies. Bye.


Ben, I need to find our reading that you thought. Ohh. If you know where those are jury look in your har. We need them and we might not be able to get off the process of making a very strange new sounds like running water in the rest of the house and if you go into the little further. I think I have it was not going to happen once before. But anyway, why you're not in Anthem. If you compare from.

Donna Hello hello, this issue I need to take these kids out of here. We're driving to the craziest and so I just keep raccoon anywhere. So this is gonna fall asleep so I think you need to get him over the moment, so if you can take a nap. So there it is. Meet us at mom's or who call me and I'll meet you at the afternoons. Okay, that's, that's bye.

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