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January 27, 2010

Lewis the linguist, continued.

The other day Art said, "Knock knock."  I said, "Who's there?"  And he said, "YAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOUUUUUWWWWWWWW!  Boooooooooo!"  And that was his knock knock joke.  Then Lewis said, "Knock knock" and I said, "Who's there?"  Lewis said, "Meow."  And that was his knock knock joke.

Lewis has lots of wonderful ways of saying things that are so tempting to perpetuate.  Things like calling all trucks wee-ooohs, like a siren sound.  Or how whenever you put him in a hooded jacket or sweater he wants the hood on right away and says, just like foot but starting with an 'H', "Hoot, hoot!"  Or calling frogs wee-wee's.  Ahhh, it would be so easy to just adopt his version all the time because it's so endearing.  Most of the time I say, "Oh, you want your hood on?" but I must admit I love to say it his way!!!

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