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January 28, 2010

final videos from the treasure hunt.

Someone found the medallion and ended the Pioneer Press treasure hunt yesterday. I had so much fun producing the video clues, in part because it was so outside of what normally passes for newspaper journalism. Entirely absurd stuff that I somehow found really gratifying and fulfilling! Here's a comment from a message board about the videos that I find especially delightful:

"...they've had Horny Nuns, One-Armed Whores, Gay Robots, Beheaded Pirate Puppets, Irate Columnists, Male Blow-Up Dolls, etc... - they really CAN'T sink much lower than they already have."

That'll be a real challenge for next year...

Last night I produced one last video of the actual clue writer hiding the medallion at Lilydale park. In the end he finally reveals who he is...

Today they also published explanations for each of the clues, making clear what the weird clues were referencing. All the video clues are also compiled on the page:

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