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December 16, 2009

Lewis's many words.

Lewis is now a talking person.  Well, most of his communication is in one-word sentences, but he's adding words all the time and can bridge that gap of understanding that so often leads to frustration.  He can walk into the kitchen and say, "Eee!" if he's hungry.  He can ask for "Joo!" if he wants juice or "Stoo!" if he wants to use his stool.  (Unfortunately joo and stoo sound very similar and I often say he can't have any more juice when he really wants to get up to the counter.)  He'll say, "Ow!" when he wants to get out of the car or the bathtub (you can imagine the confusion with that one).  

He has also started labeling animals by their sounds.  Cat is obviously meow, and dog is wow wow.  (He must be an international spirit.  Didn't anyone tell him this is America!  Dogs say Woof!!!)  Sheep are ba-aaa, a two syllable word (what a good dipthongy Minnesotan!) and birds a twee.  The weird one is for frog.  We learned this one when he started asking for something over and over and took us to the costume box.  He wanted the frog costume and was saying, very gently, "We-we!"  Later I realized that his gravely-voice frog sound is actually we-we, it just comes from the back of his throat like he's trying to cough something up.  It must be heard to believe.

That's the latest.  Getting a christmas tree tomorrow.  Bring on the pine smell!

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