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December 16, 2009

Another funny transcribed voice message.

Is it just me and Jess that get such a kick out of how google voice transcribes her messages? I think this one is likely the funniest so far:

"Hi, I'm getting shot. Hello, flavorful blacks. I'm just calling because you know what standard time and we think that you do insurance. We'll talk to you in tell you what's going on, and I need the lemon sure rented it and that coffee stuff I'd left outside school. Now it's so hard that i can work with it so there's warm up again. It's console eat and I'm just kinda wanted to say low. Ohh and he ask you sheet so I don't remember out. Alice cute. Okay bye"

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becko said...

Hey guys! Um, yeah, I pop on here and read your blog sometimes and CRACK UP when I read the google messages!! Keep em coming!
p.s. I'm hoping Jess really didn't get shot! =)

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