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April 08, 2009

New toys!

We are always de-cluttering.  But wait!  How come it's still so messy around here?  

Anyway, the other night Art and Ben went through Art's toys a bit and chose some things to give away.  After filling a bag with unwanted toys we decided it was a good time to go to the used toy store.  I told Art he could pick out one new toy after giving away so many old ones.  Unfortunately I didn't specify what was acceptable...

There were some really big things there.  One was a huge ride on train that must have weighed 30 pounds and it was $90!  He was NOT happy about being denied that one!  But he got over it and played with a Polly Pocket thing for a while.  Then he saw another colossal thing way up high.  He threw a big fit about not getting that one.  Being the persistent and hot-button three-year-old that he is he was not recovering from this meltdown and I was ready to leave the store when he said he had to pee and was temporarily calmed.  During that post-pee calm he found a grab-bag of plastic bugs.  He was IN LOVE.  After finding that bag of "spiders" he was ready to leave.  He kept saying, "Let's pay, Mama!  Let's pay so I can open it!"  Price for said spiders?  $3.50.

I opened the bag at the store and he lined them all up in a bassanet.  On the drive home he set them out on his legs and made them talk.  One of them "helped" me drive.  I couldn't have been happier to see him find something that he liked so much and for that thing to be so beautifully simple.

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Dr Em said...

living clutter free is a lifestyle. Maybe those spiders can help.

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