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April 19, 2009

The Lew-Down

We have lift off.  Lewis is walking more and more.  As long as he's not thinking about it he will walk across a room.  But then moments later he might stand grasping a chair and whining, waiting for someone to assist him.  He clearly has not realized that he can do it on his own yet.  It's actually kind of funny.  And he's really into feeding himself.  Today he pretty much spoon fed himself split pea soup.  I was actually thinking that split pea soup is a great first-self-feed food since it can be so thick and just sticks to the spoon.  He did quite well.  He's got the cup thing down, too.  I've already stopped giving him a lunch bottle.  He takes a good 1/4-1/2 cup of milk at the table in a cup.  Still in increments, of course, but he's able to manage more and more at a time.  In fact, he really likes to chug his milk.  You can clearly hear a glug-glug sound while he drinks.  

Well, it's been a busy weekend.  Lots of family in town and I spent nearly all of yesterday eating cheese and yabbing with relatives.  Today Lewis and I went to the Children's Museum with my cousin Stacy and her 18-month old son, Tom who were in town from Chicago.  (No pictures.  I left the camera in the car.  DOH!)  I was happy for Lewis to have some time to call the shots and hang out where he wanted for a while.  In fact, I think he might be really enjoying this Art-free zone.  He's got full rein and all of Mama's attention.  It's weird, though, I don't know what I was freaking out about with just one kid.  I mean, I remember clearly feeling so overwhelmed a lot fo the time and I was truly working hard, yet it's hard for me to picture what I was so busy doing all that time.  I practically feel like I'm on vacation here with just Lewis.  Well, not really because I can't just go anywhere I want or do whatever I want, but there's so much less to worry about or take care with just Lew.  And he is a very easy-going guy, I must admit.  Art was not so.  But I guess I also just have some strategies well-practiced now, too.  I was thinking about it today.  Take, for instance, the diaper bag.  Packing it is a snap.  I always bring two diapers, a cover, a bag to put the dirty diaper in, my wallet, milk for Art, milk for Lewis and some snacks.  Done.  Cleaning up from Lewis's lunch; Wipe off baby, wipe off chair, bring in place mat with dirty plate and cup, wipe off table, sweep up food off floor.  DONE!  Takes me all of two minutes.  Putting Lewis down for a nap?  CLean diaper on, two gackoos in hand and lay him in bed.  DONE!  DONE!  Of course it still takes me at least two days to put away a load of laundry (one in the basket, waiting, one on the bed, waiting, and perhaps one night back in the basket so I could sleep before putting it away the next day.)  And I still HATE emptying the dishwasher or taking out the garbage, but things are pretty good.  

I miss you, Ben and Art.  I'm so glad I'll be seeing you soon.  If I had my way it would be tomorrow, but since it's not tomorrow I hope you guys keep having a good time in Florida.

love - Jess

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