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April 18, 2009

florida day 2

Since Jessica isn't here I've noticed my posting has become more prolific, in part cause I know how much she digs seeing what we're up to. Today was sorta fun, but also a bummer at times cause art stubbed his toe, twice. One on each big toe! And each time is started to bleed and it upset him quite a bit. I realized that he's grown up in Minnesota where he always wears shoes or socks, and to suddenly be barefoot is something new and unpracticed for him. I wasn't there when he stubbed his first two, but the second toe was injured on a flat sidewalk--nothing to bump into. I think he was just being silly and sorta dragging his foot. Anyway, we strolled down to a surf shop and I bought him some watery-type shoes he will wear ALL THE TIME now. And he got a train that he's had fun playing with and wants to show Mama when we get back.

Between his toe-stubbings he had a fun time playing in the ocean. "I didn't know that water was salty, Papa" he said after I suggested he taste it. i remember when Jessica first went to the ocean (in her mid-20's!) and was so surprised the water was salty. I'll always remember the scrunched up face she made.

Art ate a terrific amount of watermelon today.

The condo we're staying in is pretty fancy, and Art and I are sleeping in a huge king size and super squishy bed. He's seen here taking a nap.

He insisted on seeing the ocean while he ate cereal this morning.

if you look closely you can see me out in the water carrying a boogie board. My mom watched Art while I went out to ride some waves. they were quite big and I went out real far to what I thought was a sand bar (it wasn't and was over my head). There were a number of surfers out there, too. I felt pretty wimpy, a pasty white Minnesotan with a broken boogie board. When I used to live in Arkansas I was never so pasty white. I think Minnesota drains all pigment from one's skin. People need sunglasses just to look at me. They make mayonnaise tanner than me. I'm like vanilla ice cream but human shaped and not as cold.

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