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March 27, 2009

a list of things.

Lately I've been keeping a mental list of Art phrases that run in heavy rotation and without variation.  Things he says so often that even he knows it's a little goofy to hear it again.

1.  I want Lewis's whole body on my bed.
2.  But I don't want to see the moving chair.  [A demo at IKEA that has a robot sitting in a chair over and over.  Naturally, this phrase only comes up at IKEA, but it comes up many many times while we're there.]
3.  Let's go downstairs and have some gummy bears.
4.  Mama, I wanna watch a nature show.
5.  I wanna go in the basement with you.

Anyone who has been a guest in our home, even for just an hour, has heard #5.  Some know that phrase only too well.  

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