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March 28, 2009

How being on assignment in a flood zone is like being a single Stay-at-Home Mom

I'm thinking about some of the similarities between what my day is like while Ben is covering the flooding in Fargo and what Ben's day is like.  Well, we are both working 14 hour days.  Actually, I'm not sure but I might be working longer days than Ben right now.  He's probably working through meals like I am, and though he isn't preparing his meals or cleaning up after them I'm not preparing or cleaning up as often as you would think...  We both have to be completely consumed in our work.  I'm sure he has to deal with a lot of gross situations in a flood zone.  Me too!  Try four poops by 8am!  I'm sure he's seen a lot of people crying out there.  Same here!!!  However I just see the same two people crying every time.  I bet there are a lot of dirty clothes and homes in Fargo right now.  Come take a look at my house!  You'll see the same thing.  Maybe the similarities stop there.  I'm sure Ben doesn't have a little boy playing soccer in his bedroom like I do right now.  And I don't think his phone isn't repeatedly taken off the hook by a baby.  He probably doesn't hear people calling out, "SNOT!" while he's interviewing in a floodzone and he definitely doesn't have to carry them to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  But wouldn't that be funny if he did?


Dr Em said...

it would be like when adults get hungry during rush hour. Wah!!

becko said...

That's hilarious! I think I might recommend that Ben ask the people he interviews if they need help going to the bathroom or wiping their snotty noses...just to see what they'd do.

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