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November 23, 2017

The Snil with Bunny (by Bailey)

Here's another . My favorite spelling is of human as "hewmin". Perfect!

The Snail with bunny
Part 1

Bonee wos wocing wif snil thae soo a haos bonee woct in to the haos she soo lots oth bats so she sad hloe to the bats the bats sad bak hloe thae sad bak  the bats loct olitl big won bat loct like a hewmin bonee rand owt bot the bat tholode the bat trnd into a hewmin.

Part 2
Snail sad wot is ron bonee she sad a bat is chasinge me and it is a hewmin
(bunny is werd)the bat wos a hewmin  snail reeoliste that it wos a bat hemin don don dh!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Part 3

(Snail had to go to the bafrom)

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