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December 09, 2016

Miscellaneous lovely photos from summer/fall 2016.

In an ongoing effort go through old photos and make sure I've blogged everything, here is a random collection of some photos I love from the past few months.

on a late night walk around Lake Nokomis.

Art's Northern.


Lunch, as caught by Papa at Lake Hiawatha.

stopping while tubing to get eaten by mosquitoes and eat sour wild blueberries.

This was on a date night with Jessica at Fort Snelling State Park. Fun fish to catch, but basically a carp.

Jessica and Bailey.

A view from the dining room table. I think this was a neighborhood preschool.

Kids, treed.

Art enjoying the sensory feedback of Minnehaha Creek. SENSORY FEEDBACK.

Bailey, treed again.

Bailey, tubing.

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