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September 25, 2016

End of summer at the Cottage


Netta and Mama, hanging out. They're really good friends.

Bailey, a beautiful boy-girl.

We actually do feed this boy.

Lewis, sparkled.

A sparkling ghost of Jessica.

Look at that intensity.

This is a game of 'sandball'. A now beloved game invented by the boys and played a whole lot. They love it.

More sandball.

Beach wrestling.

I caught this Northern off the dock! I still can't believe it! It's incredible and was super exciting for everyone!

Twins, loving on each other.

Twins, sleeping near each other.

Bailey and a shark.


Scene setter.

Art singing and doing a super weird dance.

A true story. It was super surprising. Afterwards Lewis said, "Papa, that was sorta scary. Can we go back to the dock now?"

And that's it.

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