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June 01, 2016

Kindergarten roundup

As Bailey and Netta finish up their last week as preschoolers, the other day we went to 'kindergarten roundup', a meet-your-teacher type event at their new school in Minneapolis. They were excited and terrified. Had to pluck a crying Netta off my leg when I dropped her off with her new teacher (who seems really great!), she was especially afraid of riding the bus. As part of the evening all the kids ride a school bus around a block, hopefully demystifying to huge scary yellow thing. I was worried about Netta but got done with my parent stuff just in time to see her hope off bus with a massive smile (see below). So there you! Also, sharing a couple forms about each girl that Jessica thoughtfully filled out. So much fun to read through these. What is Bailey interested in? "Superheros, cello, bugs". Love that. For Netta, What might upset her? "see her twin upset or angry or sad". So true.

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