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March 29, 2016

What we live by

posted this on facebook last week and wanted to share here. 
"We moved a week ago and are all feeling thankful in a world where many have much less. We love our new home, the closeness to nature, the ping-pong friendly basement (!). Jessica, a chef among other many things, adores the galley kitchen (which is perk for everyone who likes to eat). We successfully implemented phase one of destroy-everything-our-children-know-and-love by moving. Phase two: new school next year (noooo!!!!). That will be hard (but within walking distance). In truth the kids are digging the new house and neighborhood, especially Lewis who many times over the past few months unflinchingly said "Papa, I'm not moving." So that's a great relief.
This is a photo I took tonight on my first run around nearby Lake Nokomis, a real beautiful place. I'm actually not a runner runner, just a runner, but having this lake nearby makes me want to be a runner runner runner."

Here's our neighborhood:,-93.2293728,16.5z
Feeling grateful, Ben

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