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December 02, 2014

Chapter 6: Canoeing the Buffalo River

We had plans to canoe the Buffalo River but the water was low. BUT! The night before we took to the river it rained like crazy, such perfect timing. Here are some photos from the adventure down the river.

Look closely and see Jessica walking along the bluff.

Grandpa Tim loaded with grandkids. We had canoes and one slooow and safer raft for the smaller kids.



Jessica leading the way. Look at those guns!

Stop for lunch.

Lewis exploring.

Josh is gonna love this photo.

Can you find my brother in this picture?

Lest you think Grandpa Tim is an old fart!

Brave cousin Mira was the first to jump in.

Then Art.

Then together.

Sujit and Mira (not sure why this is black and white!)

Looking for skipping rocks.

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