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September 18, 2014

Thanks, Mr. Rogers

Amazon Prime has all the old Mr. Rogers shows available for streaming. PBS only airs it once a week and they don't air them in consecutive order so it's hard to understand what's going on in the make believe section. We made a rule over the summer that the kids could watch a couple tv shows a day but the one in the morning always had to be Mr. Rogers. There was intially some protest but then it just became one of those things in life you don't question. Mr. Rogers, as we all know, is an extraordinary human being and it feels my heart with warmth when I watch our kids sitting on the couch super engaged as he talks about feeling angry. Or making food for Panda bears. Or whatever else. I trust him completely and am grateful to him for helping raise our kids :)

Anyway, all this to set up a tiny little audio clip Jessica just sent of Netta singing one of his songs.

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Teacher Jessica said...

Actually, I'm not sure it is a Mr. Rogers song. I think she made it up. But it definitely in the Mr. Rogers STYLE! There were subsequent verses about being really made when you can't cut a leaf (she was trying to make them out of paper), stomping feet and just trying again. That was DEFINITELY all Netta...

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