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April 08, 2014

Devils Den State Park [updated with more pix]

During our recent vacation to Arkansas  (just me and the boys), we went to the fantastic Devil's Den State Park. I've been there so many times as a kid, such a trip to go back as an adult with my kids. There's an actual cave that I explored in many times as a kid. Sadly it was closed off a few years ago due to a fungus that can kill bats. We still felt the cold cave air and climbed down in other smaller caves and crevices. We went hiking there twice, the first time with my ma. And we all got lost. Literally, for more than an hour we were wandering around the woods looking for the trail. An adventure for everyone!

Atop a super high cliff on the Yellow Rock trail

Art doing a little I-found-a-cool-creek-to-climb-around-in-dance

Mushrooms photographed for Jessica, a lover of all things fungus

running past a waterfall

This is the now closed-off entrance to Devil's Den cave :(

Atop Yellow Rock

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