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November 25, 2013

In a rare moment today...

Usually my family rushes to the table for dinner and flurry, but tonight i was magically able to seize an opportunity for calm and everyone waited for all others to have food and then they even indulged me by taking a moment to think of something they were thankful for.  Lewis is thankful for Charlie and Oscar, his friends, because they can play with him when Ben can not.  Art is thankful for tics and that they aren't that bad lately, and he is thankful that he has a family and that he is alive.  He is thankful that he is ALIVE!  Bailey and Netta both piped up that they were thankful for Charlotte.  So, there you have it.  I guess we need to get those kids together way more often!

Ben and I were both filled with warm feeling and just thankful for such beautiful children.  


Ben here, updating this nice little post with the funny wrestling scene I came home to today.

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