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November 19, 2013

In Dallas with Abram

Recently I was in Dallas to shoot a football game. And I got in Abram as my assistant! What an incredibly fun day that was. Abram, for those who don't know, is a great friend from childhood who lives in Texas with his wife Tati and two sweet kids. Here we are at the game together.

Abram actually photographed the game and, as you can see here, chose interesting shooting locations. In his defense, he had no idea where he was until I showed him this hilarious photo...

This is Abram's photo, a key touchdown play that I didn't get. We used it in the online gallery, too!

A nice shot of me doing what I do all game, run around and look nervous.
what a pro.

I stayed an extra day in town and we went to this place, basically warehouse covered in trampolines. Super fun. However both of us injured ourselves. My back is still hurting and Abram hurt his foot. We're old farts.

Selfie with Abram and Tati.
Finally, Abram with his beautiful wife Tati and children Bianca and Thomas. Loved meeting his awesome kids, they remind me so much of Abram and his sister Rayna when they were younger. Except Abram's kids are more well behaved...:)

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