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October 18, 2013

Our 2-night vacation to Duluth.

We spent the past three days in Duluth (the boys had three day off of school this week). A totally unplanned and spur of the moment trip. Man, Duluth is beautiful and fun and close. A nice thing to learn. We stayed in a slightly overpriced but very easy hotel with 6 places to sleep, a decent breakfast, smores every night and a pool on the roof. All of which sounds nicer than it is. But still, it was easy! And we were right on Lake Superior. Seriously. This was 50-feet out the back door to our room:

Lewis and especially Arthur just loved loved loved climbing on these rocks. It massaged the part of their brain that has to constantly calculate where and when to take a step and they just loved it. Couldn't get them off to rocks. They found many 'secret hideouts.'

Art in his secret hideout:

I've learned over time that Jessica loves really huge things or super tiny things. When she saw a massive boat (similar to this one but an even bigger) she let out a little uncontrollable yelp of amazement as our kids came running out of the hotel room to see what she was losing her shit over. Truly, the size of these boats are pretty spectacular.

We also stopped by the train museum in Duluth. Not cheap but really pretty amazing. If Jessica had time to write this blog post she'd go into detail about the tiny little shops in the 'station', perfect replicas of and old pawn shop or pharmacy. And the number of actual trains they had that the kids could climb in an explore was awe-inspiring. a cool place for sure. Here's Jess and Netta in a snow plow train:

And finally, Jessica found this spectacular little park right in the middle of Duluth we stopped at on our way home. Scary for me to watch the boys climb super steep hills and rocks over a creek, but super fun for them.

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