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August 01, 2013

Photos from our big July family vacation

A couple weeks ago we returned from a big fat 18 day vacation. We drove from Minneapolis to Myrtle Beach, SC to Fayetteville, Arkansas and back home. And points in between. Our time wasn't as idealic as these photos make it look. It's true, I take photos of things that are wonderful and pretty. Not when our kids scream uncontrollably in the car or shit their pants or hit each other or when Jessica and I argue or when we're being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes or enduring the 8th night in a hotel. All that said, we did have some really wonderful and super awesome times on this trip. That is true. And now that I can look back I tend to think of those times. Especially when I look at all these super beautiful photos. Enjoy.

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Dr Em said...

I say, don't be afraid to document the ugly stuff too. ".... the point is to live everything..." - Maria Rilke. It's ALL beautiful!

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