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July 02, 2013

A tree fell on our house.

Last week a real big storm swept through Minneapolis knocking over hundreds and hundreds of trees across town. Including two super tall pine trees in our front yard. we didn't really care for the pines trees anyway so not a huge loss for us, but there was some spectacular huge old trees that went down in other neighborhoods, it was pretty shocking. Jessica sister Emily and her husband Mike had a huge branch totally squish their garage and new car in side. Anyway, one of the pine trees fell on our porch and cause some minor damage which our insurance is mostly taking care of. Here are some photos from event, including when a massive crane showed up to pluck the trees off our roof.

We had no lights for a couple days.

My mother was in town for the spectacle. 

Bailey with Uncle Josh

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Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Glad everyone is safe and your porch didn't sustain too much damage. Great photos of the kids reactions!

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