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May 27, 2013

Some photo from a field trip

Arthur's class at Barton and three others piled into a couple buses for a field trip at a big fancy suburban park. I came to help, sort of, and mostly to just observe the controlled chaos. As I wrote on Facebook, I somehow forgot how loud and chaotic an elementary school bus can be. Teachers really are amazing, able to stay calm and deal only with stuff that truly needs dealing with. In some ways, chaos = learning experience. At the park they had a 'talent show'. Art pogo-ed...and pogo-ed and pogo-ed until they brought out the figurative hook. His good friend Archer did some AWESOME KUNG FU! When I'm able I plan on going on these things to be with and love on my Art as long as he lets me. I'm anticipating we'll be filed into the "I don't want to be seen with my parents' column any day. But not yet!

Art and his friend Mohamed.

A class portrait. Art's teacher co-teaches with the next door class, this is both ALL TOGETHER NOW!

I did this because I could, a collection of some photos from the trip:

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