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May 14, 2013

A few random thoughts from the Mother of the house.

Hello, Blog Readers.  Here is a short report from me, the Mo

1.  I am very happy to see things growing and turning green.  So are the kids and Ben.  We had a nature day on Sunday that was AWESOME.  I saw at least five birds I've never been able to see before, including a White Crowned Sparrow, a Red Bellied Woodpecker and an American Redstart.  And that was all just this Sunday!  There have been American Coots on Lake Harriet, a Purple Finch singing by Art's school and we've had both Yellow Warblers AND Yellow Rumped Warblers in the back yard! 

2.  Lewis asked me what Yellow Rumped Warbler meant.  I told him that 'rump' was another name for butt and warbler is a kind of bird that sings.  He answered, "So that means it's a bird that sings with it's butt!?"  We got a hearty laugh.  I explained it meant the rump was supposed to be yellow, and that he is the only one who sings with his butt because he farts a lot.  (More laughing.)

3.  I've been taking the kids to Lake Harriet quite a lot this last week just to see birds, play at the park and even run around the lake while pushing the girls in the stroller.  I can't help myself with the amateur ornithology so when the kids identify a coot as a duck I gently say, "Yeah, it looks like a duck, but that black one with the white beak is actually an American Coot."  I think I'm a little crazy about the bird thing.  But as I told the kids, I like to know about animals nature because it reminds me what a small piece me and my part of the world is in the huge system that make life on Earth.  I may not be good at a lot of things, but I think I am making that point to them with my actions.

4.  Speaking of actions, a while back Art did something that he needed to apologize for.  He said he was sorry but I added that he needed to do more than say the words.  He needed to say sorry with his actions.  He put on a wide-eyed smile, struck a pose with Jazz Hands and said, "Sorry!!!"  (More laughing!  And all forgiven, too.)

5.  Bailey and Netta are often UNBEARABLE whiners.  Oh my god.  It is exhausting.  Big girl words, regular voice, monkey voice.  Anything other than whining, PLEASE!

6.  My kids are soon to have a new cousin!  My sister is due within a month with baby number two! 

7.  The girls never talk to people that don't live here.  It's been at least seven months since they have been going to the YMCA Kidstuff room where Holly and Ana work every weekday and they have yet to speak to either lovely lady.  Soon.  Soon...

8.  I have built new raised beds and I love doing simple woodwork construction.  I'm going to make a simple bench for my back porch, if I can ever get these whiny girls off my back...

9.  I was trying to run part of the Lake with Lewis on a bike and the girls in the stroller and the girls started fighting and getting into real blows.  I had to stop and break them up!  What were they fighting about? 

Netta:  Duck
Bailey:  No, coot!
Netta: No, duck!
Bailey: NO!  COOT!

That's all for now.  Off to bed.  A little too late.  But that's ok now and then.  Good night.

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