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April 02, 2013

April fools explainer

So, as many have guessed, the post about us buying and eating a horse was an April fools post. As was the bit about getting 'one fresh dog a month' from the pound. Everything in the post was a fib. But there is truth in the bit I wrote about horse slaughter in general. Why do we as a society think eating horses is gross when we eat just about every other large animal. Seems like a waste. That said, I probably would pass on a horse burger...

The photos were taken at the beautiful farm of a former co-worker at the Pioneer Press, Alex Leary. I told her I was writing an April fools post about wanting to eat a horse and she was totally game. Thanks, Alex! Arthur was in on gag, except I didn't tell him about the eating dog part when were at the pound...

Last year in 2012 I posted about  'sympathetic lactation'. An extraordinary miracle of nature where I was able to actually breast feed our twins.  Such a joy to remember those days. It's worth re-reading that post, which included a extraordinary nipple shaving photo.

In 2011 we participated in a ground breaking study where we had tiny cameras implanted on Netta and Bailey's head 24/7 as part of a Duke University research project. Here's the initial video that resulted from that study:

2010 I posted about a DNR-led child hunting expedition with my gentle 4-year-old, complete with ripping out and eating bloody deer heart in the woods. Here's Arthur with the deer I made him kill.

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