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March 27, 2013

"You know me. I love metal."

That's what my mom always said. She loved metal jewelry, metal mirror
frames, stainless steel countertops (metal!). Well, here's a whole
tree made out of metal! My sister and I saw it together on Tuesday
at the National Gallery of American Art Sculpture Grden in Washington
D.C. Yep. We were there since Saturday taking the trip that my mom
had wished she'd made before she died almost two years ago. Well, if
mom were truly with us she would likely have done a lot more history
and famous buildings like e library of congress and who knows, the
capital or the some other president related stuff. But Em and I had a
good time. I left some of Mom's ashes at this tree because I know she
would have grabbed my arm and said, "Jessie! Look at that! Isn't
that wonderful!" or something like that.

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