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March 01, 2013

Cold punishment.

What's going on here? Why are Art's (and Ben's) sneakers in the chest freezer? Because they left them right in front of the door after taking them off. It's called letting the consequences do the talking, Baby! Don't want to hang up your stuff or put your boots away? Then get ready for some cold toes next time you put them on! And you won't get much of a warning. When Ben went down to find the slippers Lewis had run down there in the morning (don't leave your slippers in front of the door, Ben!) he came back up with his crocs, running shoes and one boot. And speaking of Lewis, you better watch out because he loves running some odd piece of outerwear to that ice box. He almost threw my workout bag down there because it was in the middle of kitchen - while I was getting ready to go!

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