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February 11, 2013

A lovely birthday for Ben.

As I wrote on Facebook just now:

Thanks for the nice birthday notes (I'm feeling an appropriate amount of shame and guilt for rarely posting happy birthday notes on friends' walls). For the record, I had a lovely day (off) today. Lewis (4) and I went swimming at the Y. When I returned to the locker room after getting my goggles Lewis had disappeared entirely. Then heard a muffled "bloo!" And then another. He had stuffed himself into a locker and was terrifically proud of himself as I freed him.

Another highlight was when Arthur (7) and Lewis were playing outside together in the snow. Lewis came in cause he was cold and Art stayed outside by himself. I loved secretly watching him through the window as he kicked snow, sat down and ate some, threw chunks of it across the yard. He was enjoying some peace and solitude all by his little 7-year-old self, a moment of his boyhood I loved observing.

The last highlight worth sharing. Jessica made me a little coupon book as a gift. 'Movie night, alone day, sleep in, Guthrie' tickets' were among the redeemable coupons. And tonight I cashed in on movie night. She's playing hooky from choir practice and we're gonna watch a movie together which makes me really happy.

Don't let me mislead you, this lovely day was preceded by fairly horrific one yesterday. I was super grumpy and the kids were (mostly) whiny little shits all day. I saw a wise post the other day about how we shouldn't compare our daily lives to everyone else's highlight reel on facebook. So I mentioned this to add context to the sweet moments I write about now.

So anyway, today was really a great piece of living and I'm super thankful for my friends and my family. And for this tasty taco dinner Jessica made tonight. Feeling some love,

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