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January 04, 2013

My almost free toddler stove.

A few months ago it became clear that the girls, especially Netta who LOVES to imitate everything grown ups do IMMEDIATELY, needed a place to do some pretend cooking.  So I trolled craigslist for a kid's stove and tossed around the idea of getting them one of the nice ones at IKEA. Until one day when I just cut a black circle and put a red splatter shape in the middle for fire. Now the coffee table is their stove and the best part is all the parts fit in the pretend food basket!

Then Netta started putting things on the shelf under the coffee table and the oven was born!

Netta tastes her soup and deems it "too 'bicey!"

Bailey carefully places fruit and vegetables on her spatula to transfer to another dish.  Girl has asbestos hands!

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