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November 27, 2012

Night musings.

Some people in our family don't really talk in their sleep (Art) but rather start blabbering as soon as they realize there is an audience, whether the sun is up or it's 3am.  While some members of our family rarely say something, some children in our family (BAILEY!) talk in their sleep almost nightly.  Enjoy some of the nighttime musings of our children...

"My apple!!!  MY APPLE!"
"Momma, today can you put macaroni and cheese in my lunch since I didn't get to eat it yesterday?  But you know, sometimes it can be okay for me to have school breakfast and school lunch.  Can we do that today?"
"MIIIIIIIINE!"  (followed by heavy sobs)
 "I try it?"
"Apple!  Ehhhh apple!" (Same night as other apple caller)
"I mean it.  It's SOOO easy."

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