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October 13, 2012

Photos from Arthur's school.

I spent the day volunteering last week at Art's school. Read kid books, had them read to me. Played with them at recess, ate a surprisingly tasty and nutritious lunch and watched them sing and dance in music. It was a great time.

This is an I'M-SO-PROUD-AND-EXCITED-MY-DAD-IS-HERE-IN-CLASS expression Art makes.

Two classes combined listen to a story.

Arthur and Asa dancing in music class.
Arthur and his dance partner.


This is Arthur with his new and very good friend Archer holding a bird a fellow student brought to share. 

This photo gives you a good sense of the educational utopia that is Arthur's class. His teacher Patrice, seen here, co-teaches with a woman next door. They even broke out the wall between the classes. And each teacher has a student teacher, so there are lots of opportunities to for stuff like this to happen. Arthur is learning!

Abdigani, counting.
Arthur's long-time friend Evva is in a different 1st grade class. But they have recess together everyday! And twice a week after school they have Spanish together. Which is a good thing since I've decided they will get married one day.

Block building.

Arthur and Archer at recess. I watched them as they zoomed around the playground playing 'ninja' doing all sorts of COOL MOVES. Lately Arthur has been coming home caked in dirt and grime, apparently the result of recess. Archer only lives four blocks away, a parenting gift! The two of them have a real friendship blossoming which is just wonderful to watch from a distance.

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