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October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012.

Lewis went trick or treating with his best friend Oscar and Arthur went with his friend Archer. And night of independent trick or treating!

Lewis went to Oscars house after preschool and spent the whole day there. So essentially they played together from 9am-7pm. Crazy. Erin, Oscar's mom, recorded this hilarious little conversation between the two of them:
Oscar: isn't it cool that you get to stay for trick or treating
Lewis: yeh
O: we get to spend so much time together
L: yeh
O: what if we got to spend all day and all night together?
L: yeh
O: what if Benji and Anthony and us got to spend all day and all night together?
L: yeh
O: if we were brothers we would spend all day and all night together
L: yeh
O: Lewis, what if that was real? We were real brothers?

Arthur and Archer, center, and Archer's little brother Fritz, right, and big brother Otto, left. It was a very productive trick or treating foursome.

When I came over to their house to pick up Arthur everyone was busy trading candy.

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