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September 26, 2012

Jessica surprise NYC trip.

I posted this on facebook a couple days ago but forgot to post here.
I just surprised my incredibly hard working, David-Byrne-loving wife Jessica with an airline ticket to New York City to see Byrne's sold-out show tmro night at the Beacon Theater. This falls in line with my desire to be a heroic husband, but the tr
uth is she totally deserves it and it's the sort of thing she'd do for herself is she had time to think about herself amid caring for our kids. She was stunned and is now super excited. When lining this up a week ago I called her good friend Isabel in Brooklyn who I learned LOVES David Byrne. So they're going to the show together, staying in her apartment and spending the day Wednesday seeing museums or whatever else.

My mother, who's been in town a few weeks and had planned to return Wednesday, agreed to stay an extra day to help make this super fun thing possible (thanks, Ma!).

And, if you haven't heard it, here's a track from Byrne's new album with St. Vincent that's pretty amazing. As we were talking the other night, this song has staying power. It's the kind of thing I think will be played on the oldies but goodies station in 2050.


and this photo and update from today: Jessica says concert was great. Today she plans to visit the museum of natural history, primarily to see the massive blue whale that was being renovated last time she was there. Then to central park to read something and at night, meet with Janet Lemanski, the woman who introduced us and is responsible for our marriage and all these children. I told Jessica to tell Janet i said hi and thanks for this life I'm living.

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