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September 02, 2012

A few more photos from our recent trip to the cottage.

I splurged and bought the boys each a decent fishing pole from Fleet Farm. We tried using corn and bread for a day and no bites. The next day I got some worms and BAM. You couldn't leave the hook in the water for 10 seconds without getting a lot of bites. I was pretty funny. I remember at one point BOTH boys were reeling in their poles yelling, "I got one, I got one Papa!" That was 30 seconds before this photo above was taken, after the same thing happened a second time. Later, a fish swallowed the hook and I had the end his little life. So we ate him.

Arthur eating a chip in Nora's memorial garden. "I like Nora's garden," Art said.

An odd porch scene with crazed baby in background.
Closeup of said baby.

"Ben, take a picture," said Jessica when we saw Netta 'looking' through trashy magazines. 

The folks at the neighboring cottage have a super fancy jet speed boat. They gave us a terrifcally fast and fun boat ride. We also jumped in the water from the thing.

Some photos Lewis took.

Reading books before bedtime.

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