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August 04, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Ben! 10 years married, 15 years and two days since the fateful night we met at Riverside Park in New York City.  It wasn't much of an anniversary for us today - we got a nice 45 minute conversation in while the boys watched TV, but other than that we were manning the fort and Ben was working to pay for the fort.  Anyway, here is a shout out to my teammate, my love, from our family blog Oct. 9, 2010 (one day after our third and fourth children were born):

"But as proud as I am of birthing these twins I must say I could not have done the great incubating I had done without Ben. Really. Ben made it possible for me to take a nap EVERY DAY, even if it meant being late to work or juggling kids or being super sleepy himself. He helped me eat a lot and made me lots of hard boiled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and protein shakes and even got me a family size gallon of ice cream so every shake could be amply spiked with ice cream. He got up with kids morning after morning so I could get more sleep, excused me of all night time cleaning up, emptied the dishwasher every time and cleaned the kitchen every night, brought laundry up and down--and anything else that I pointed at... He just gave me the space, the time and support so I could focus on growing big, healthy twins. And whenever I felt bad about him running himself ragged he reminded me that my job was to "grow those babies" and not to worry about it. I really don't think they would have gotten so big and healthy or stayed in so long if they weren't given all that extra focus allowed by Ben. Thank you so much, Ben. You are my teammate and my real love."

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