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July 31, 2012

Special Night

Realizing our boys were desperately needing time away from each other as well as time WITH us, the parents, we have started giving each of them a special night almost once a week.  A night when one boy gets to stay up later than the other to play games or trains or whatever.  The first week Art, Ben and I played Parcheezi.  It took us three Special Nights to finish the game. (I won!)  Lewis usually wants to make a train track with us and the night he first gave up his gackoo he had a special night with me.  We played crazy eights and he clobbered me.  Three in a row! 

Last night Art had his special night and went to The Saints game with Ben.  Minor league baseball - eleven innings!  He didn't get home until 11pm!  I just LOVE this picture of them together that Ben sent from his phone.  That is love and mutual enthusiasm right there in a picture.  I love it.

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Ben said...

This photo makes me really happy, too! The game went into extra innings, eleven of them. I'm not a big baseball fan but it was truly a exciting game.

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