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June 22, 2012

Back from the cottage.

We just returned from our five-day vacation at the cottage in Wisconsin. A great, simple time that sounds more relaxing than it was. But it's true we all had a lovely time. I hope to post a few more photos/video when I have time in the next few days.

*Updated with Jessica's point of view: 

I had a very relaxing time at The Lake.  My mom said she never really liked it because it didn't feel like a vacation - all the same work she did at home but without the conveniences - but I have to admit I rather liked the lack of dishwasher, the absence of toys, the reduction of (indoor) space and the limited activity choices.  The day was so simple.  The rhythm so elastic.  And I LOVED not having my personal home improvement projects staring at me while my kids are all hoping for my attention.  Just eat, play with kids, watch kids play with each other, break up fits between kids, change diapers, cook, clean up, read, sleep (really well, I might add) and repeat.  Easy.

Bailey, lakeside.

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